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M Dental Patients - Before and After Pictures 

Front Crowns

Actual Patient. Patients' smile was restored with a Bridge, Crowns and an Implant Crown.

Anterior Crowns

Actual Patient. Patient requested a more youthful, bright smile. She now smiles everywhere she goes.

Smile Makeover

Actual Patient. This patients' smile was completely transformed through the use of crowns, veneers and a bridge.

Deep Staining Due to Tooth Trama

Actual Patient. He had trauma as a young child causing discoloration due to a dead nerve in his front tooth. Patient had always wanted to fix his front tooth but was fearful. He finally decided it was the right time for him and all he has said since is "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Invisalign and Veneers

Actual Patient. Invisalign and Veneers were used together to give patient her desired natural looking smile.

Composite Veneers

Actual Patient. After an accident, this child came in to see Dr. Meinbach as an emergency patient. He was able to restore a child's smile with composite veneers in about an hour.

Switching Composite Veneers to All-Porcelain Veneers

Actual Patient. Patient wanted her old bonding to become all-ceramic veneers.

Smile Again

Actual Patient. Patient would not allow anyone to see his teeth prior to being fully restored. Now this patient has nothing to hide!

Full-Mouth All-Porcelain Crowns and Bridge

Actual Patient. Full-mouth reconstruction, placing all-ceramic crowns and bridges to create a more beautiful and harmonious smile. Patient feels her new smile has taken years off her age.

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