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What is Invisalign®? 

Invisalign® is helping patients love to smile...again!

We are proud to offer our patients the Invisalign®, a modern approach to straightening teeth. Invisalign® uses a series of clear plastic aligners, instead of metal wires and brackets, to gradually move the teeth into a smile you will be proud of.

Our patients choose Invisalign® to:
  • Straighten your teeth
  • Close Spacing Gaps
  • Reduce Crowding
  • Treat Jaw Pain
  • Reduce Gum Recession
  • Improve or Change Bite (Overbite, Underbite, or Crossbite)
Invisalign is not just about straightening teeth, but can be a catalyst to treating other conditions, such as:
  • Periodontal Disease - Swollen, red gums could be caused from crowded or wide spaces
  • Jaw Relationship Issues - If you have a bad bite, you could put more pressure or forces on your some of your teeth which can cause loss of enamel or tooth structure and cause sensitivity. This sensitivity could be the beginning of much more costly dental needs that could arise such as the need for root canals and/or crowns.
Advantages of Invisalign®
  • Convenient and easy
  • Aligners are removable
  • Enjoy all your favorite foods
  • Brush and floss with ease
  • Aligners are virtually invisible
  • No metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth
  • Most people won't even notice you are undergoing treatment

M Dental, Office of Dr. Kenneth A. Meinbach is a Preferred Provider of Invisalign®, a clear alternative to braces for Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter area patients. Dr. Meinbach was certified in Invisalign as part of his dental education at NYU. He has been treating Invisalign patients since 2006.

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A smile you are proud of is priceless. A 2012 study confirms that people with straight teeth are perceived as more successful, smarter and having more dates. The mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body. Allow Dr. Meinbach to be your teacher, your friend and your partner in providing you with the best dental care possible.

Allow us to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.

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